eBandla Hotel and Conference Centre
Portion 571 of farm lot 56
Number 931 Blowen Farm 
Tell:032 947 2550, Fax: 032 947 2551
info@ebandahotel.co.za; reception@ebandlahotel.co.za
Cascading at the entrance to the Amphitheatre is the tranquil and luxurious flow-rim pool, offering guests a sophisticated and energising escape from the KwaZulu Natal heat. 
Recline at the poolside while absorbing breathtaking views into the West, to the rolling hills and mountains of the North Coast

Take advantage of our facilities to catch up with the world in our Internet lounge, equipped with fast and efficient broadband Internet access with either our PCs or interface for your laptop.
Satellite Television: 
Relax in the privacy of your suite or join the spirit in our TV lounge to catch a sporting event, take in a documentary or enjoy a movie. Either way, we offer you the best of Multichoice satelite television